Nancy van Overveldt

Een interview met Nancy van Overveldt door Katrien van den Berghe in 2014

Nancy Van Overveldt. Kunstenares. Is nu tachtig maar nog heel actief! In haar huis waarvan de muren bekleed zijn met haar kunstwerken hangt een zweem van exotisme. Een sfeer van nostalgie roept een intens en rijk verleden op met herinneringen aan een kunstzinnig en woelig bestaan in Mexico. Na 25 jaar kwam Nancy begin ’70 terug naar Nederland........

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"Driven by the desire to capture the wonderful,
I surrender myself to the paint"

Image Born in 1930 in The Hague Nancy Overveldt studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After spending a year in Paris, she left for Mexico in 1952. This stunning country with high altitudes and bright light had a major impact on the development of her work. The many lives she lived in this South American country full of absurdity and magic are portrayed in naive realist and impressionist paintings. Later she went on to work with linear movements of water, fire and air. In 1974 she started painting transformations: large canvases with colored, ever-changing forms that seem to fly like a bird out of the painting. In Mexico, she is well known through her exhibitions, for example the Palacio de Bellas Artes and various galleries in Mexico City. Her work has been exhibited internationally in many cities including New York, London and Amsterdam.

New Horizons
In 1976 she returned to the Netherlands. Here, in the Dutch landscapes with shades of blue and green, she developed a new path. In the Dutch polder landscape, with its low light on the horizon and the repetitive reflections of nature, she found clouds, birds and trees reflecting in dark water. From 1980 onwards, the horizon becomes a source. From a point on the canvas round and pointed patterns emerge, becoming larger as they spiral out to the edges. They look like explosions. It took months to bring harmony into the chaotic play. When Nancy decides to live in Lelystad, her work develops again. In the atmosphere of the polder, wind and sun, patterns move in rhythmic repetition of the cloth, weaving its way through the explosions that commit to an image. Later the horizon becomes a gate: then an opening appears to other spaces where playing figures tell wonderful stories.

Till the end of her life Nancy van Overveldt continued painting. Living and working in Lelystad is reflected in many of her paintings. The changing colors of the seasons, and the many shades of blue reflections and rhythms around a fixed light reveal surprising gates to spiritual worlds and her passion for nature.